Monday, 24 April 2017

Latest Publications


  1. Luo W., H. Li, K. Kotut and L. Krienitz (2017).  Molecular diversity of plankton in a tropical crater lake switching from hyposaline to subsaline conditions: Lake Oloidien, Kenya. Hydrobiologia 788:205-229.
  2. Budambula V. and N. L.M. Budambula (2017). Chasing the Dragon: Drug Use and Abuse. ISBN: 9789966103024
  3. Karuri H.W, D. Olago. R. Neilson, E. Njeri, A.Opere and P. Ndegwa (2017).  Plant parasitic nematode assemblages associated with sweet potato in Kenya and their relationship with environmental variables.  Tropical plant patholology 42:1–12 DOI 10.1007/s40858-016-0114-4
  4. Karuri, H.W., Olago, D., Neilson, R., Mararo, E. and Villinger, J., (2017). A survey of root knot nematodes and resistance to Meloidogyne incognita in sweet potato varieties from Kenyan fields. Crop Protection. 92:114-12.


  1. Imbo   M.C., N. L. M. Budambula, C.M. Mweu, J. K. Muli and S. E. Anami (2016). Genetic Transformation of Sweet Potato for Improved Tolerance to Stress: A Review.  Advances in Life Science and Technology 49:67-76
  2. Muli J.K., N. L. M. Budambula, C. Mweu, M. C. Imbo and S. E. Anami (2016).  Genetic Improvement of African Maize towards Drought Tolerance: A Review. Advances in Life Science and Technology 48: 1-9.
  3. Krienitz L., D Krienitz, P.K. Dadheech, T. Hübener,  K. Kotut, W. Luo, K. Teubner, and  W. D. Versfeld(2016). Food algae for Lesser Flamingos: a stocktaking. Hydrobiologia 775: 21-50
  4. Kambura A. K., R. K. Mwirichia, R. W.Kasili, E. N. Karanja, H. M. Makonde and H. I. Boga (2016). Bacteria and Archaea diversity within thehot springs of Lake Magadi and LittleMagadi in Kenya. BMC Microbiology 16:136DOI 10.1186/s12866-016-0748-x
  5. Kambura A., R. Mwirichia, R. Kasili, E. Karanja, H. Makonde and H. Boga (2016).Diversity of fungi in sediments and water sampled from the hot springs of Lake Magadi and Little Magadi in Kenya. 10:330-338 DOI: 10.5897/AJMR2015.7879
  6. Mwirichia R., Alam I., RashidM., Manikandan V., Ba-Alawi., Kamau A.A., Ngugi D.K, Göker M., Klenk H.P, Bajic V2 and Stingl U.(2016).Metabolic traits of an uncultured archaeal lineage - MSBL1 - from brine pools of the Red Sea. Scientific Reports6, Article number: 19181 doi:10.1038/srep19181
  7. Muwawa E.M, N.L.M. Budambula, Z. L. Osiemo, H. I. Boga and H.M. Makonde (2016). Isolation and characterization of some gut microbial symbionts from fungus-cultivating termites (Macrotermes and Odontotermesspp). African Journal of Microbiology Research 10:994-1004 DOI: 10.5897/AJMR2016.8060.
  8. Missiani O., J. H. Kimotho, J. Oyugi, F. Okoth, H.Kioko, S. Mining, N. L. M. Budambula, E. Giles, A.Andonov, E.Songok and C.Osiowy (2016).Hepatitis B infection is highly prevalent among patients presenting with jaundice in Kenya. BMC Infectious Diseases 16:101 DOI 10.1186/s12879-016-1409-2