Friday, 19 October 2018

Dr Sarah Naulikha Kituyi Publications

  1. Kituyi et al ., How well do malaria tests correlate with disease severity? Comparison of parasite density in children with mild and severe malaria.Malaria World Journal 2014 5:7
  2. Kituyi SN & Adrienne LE .,Hop depletion disrupts nuclear structure by depletion of emerin. Submitted for publication to the BBA- Molecular cell research Journal BBAMCR-17-443.
  3. Clinton G.L. Veale, Weiyang Chenc, Sushil Chaudharyc, Sarah N. Kituyi, Michelle Isaacs, Heinrich Hoppe, Adrienne L. Edkins, Sandra Combrinck Bewketu Mehari NMR structural elucidation of channaine, an unusual alkaloid from Sceletium tortuosum.Phytochemistry Letters 23 (2018) 189–193
  4. ​Wingate I, Adrienne LE, Kituyi SN & De La Mere JA., Identification of​ Novel Roles of Hop via Proteomic Analysis. Manuscript in preparation for Submission to the Journal of Cell Stress by April 2018
  5. ​Beckley SJ, Kituyi SN, Blatch G & Adrienne LE, The Role of Stress Inducible Protein 1 in the Regulation of Actin Dynamics. Manuscript in preparation for Submission to the BBA-Molecular Cell Research Journal by May 2018