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Jared Anyona Nyakundi

Name: Jared Anyona Nyakundi
Position: Graduate Assistant
Department: Biological Sciences
School:   Pure and Applied Sciences
Contact Address: P.O. Box 6-60100 Embu
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Education Background

  • Master of Science degree in Plant Ecology (2017-to date)- University of Embu
  • Bachelor of Science (Biology), First Class Honours (2013-2016)- University of Embu
  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (2008-2011)- Moi Gesusu High School
  • Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (1999-2007)- Riakerong’o Primary School

Working experience

  • 2017- To date Graduate Assistant University of Embu
  • A graduate student pursuing a Masters’ degree
  • Assisting in running practical classes and field courses
  • Assisting in preparations and participation in seminars, workshops, conferences
  • Assisting in administrative roles in the department

Dr. Michael Njoroge Githaiga Publications

Publications in Journals:

  1. Peter Musembi, Bernerd Fulanda, James Kairo & Michael Githaiga (2019) Species composition, abundance and fishing methods of small-scale fisheries in the seagrass meadows of Gazi Bay, Kenya, Journal of the Indian Ocean Region, DOI: 10.1080/19480881.2019.1603608.
  2. Githaiga  M.N.,  A.M. Frouws, J.G. Kairo and M. Huxham (2019). Seagrass Removal Leads to Rapid Changes in Fauna and Loss of Carbon. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.
  3. Huxham M., D. Whitlock, M. Githaiga and  A. Dencer-Brown (2018).  Carbon in the Coastal Seascape: How Interactions Between Mangrove Forests, Seagrass Meadows and Tidal Marshes Influence Carbon Storage. Current Forestry Reports
  4. Githaiga, N. M., Gilpin, L., Kairo, J. G., & Huxham, M. (2016). Biomass and productivity of seagrasses in Africa. Botanica Marina, 59(2-3), 173–186.
  5. Githaiga N. M., Kairo J. G, Gilpin L, Huxham M (2017) Carbon storage in the seagrass meadows of Gazi Bay, Kenya. PLoS ONE 12(5): e0177001.
  6. Maria Potouroglou  James C. Bull, Ken W. Krauss,  Hilary A. Kennedy Marco Fusi Daniele Daffonchio, Mwita M. Mangora, Michael N. Githaiga, Karen Diele, & Mark Huxham. SCIENTIFIC REPOrTS | 7: 11917 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-12354-y

Presentation of Papers at Academic and Professional Conferences

  1. 21st – 23rd March 2016: Oral presentation: “Effects of seagrass disturbance on sediment dynamics and on the benthic infauna communities at, Gazi Bay, Kenya at the 1st KCDP Conference at Voi Wildlife Lodge, Taita Taveta County, Kenya.
  2. 26th – 31st October 2015: Oral presentation on “Carbon stocks of seagrass meadows, Gazi Bay, Kenya at the 9th WIOMSA scientific symposium at Durban, South Africa.
  3. 25th – 28th August 2015: Oral presentation on “Status of seagrass biomass and productivity studies in Africa at the Africa Blue carbon workshop in Zanzibar, Tanzania
  4. Oct 29th - 2 Nov 2013 – Oral presentation on “Mangrove forest productivity patterns across intertidal gradients of Gazi Bay, Kenya”, at the 8th WIOMSA scientific symposium, Maputo Bay, Mozambique.
  5. July 25th-28th 2012 – Oral presentation at an International conference at Karatina University “Productivity patterns across intertidal gradients of Gazi Bay, Kenya”.
    24th - 29th 2011 October 2011- Oral presentation titled ‘Structure and biomass accumulation estimates of natural mangrove forests along the intertidal complex of Gazi Bay, Kenya” at the 7th WIOMSA scientific symposium, Mombasa, Kenya.
  6. 16th - 19th November 2010 - Poster presentation, in Aquatic Resources of Kenya (ARC) conference in Naivasha organized by KMFRI.

Books/Book Chapters Published

  1. Githaiga N. M., (2017): The role of seagrass meadows in Gazi Bay, Kenya as carbon sinks. PhD Thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.
  2. Githaiga N. M., (2013): Structure and biomass accumulation of natural mangrove forests at Gazi Bay, Kenya.  M.Sc. Thesis, Kenyatta University.
  3. Skov, M,Kairo J. G., Langat J. K., Huxham M.,Wanjiru C., Githaiga N. M., Hamza, A, Obinga, A (2011): Sampling forest structure and growth for biomass and carbon estimation training manual,  John Ellermans.

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