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Dr. Justin Nyaga Profile


Name: Dr. Justin Nyaga
Title/Qualification: Ph.D.
Position: Senior Lecturer
Department: Biological Department
School: Pure and Applied Sciences

Research Interests

Plant Ecophysiology, Nutrient cycling, Climate change and Bio-adaptation

Publications in Scientific journals

  • Nyaga, J.M, Neff, J.C, Cramer, M.D. 2015. The Contribution of Occult Precipitation to NutrientDeposition on the West Coast of South Africa. PLoS ONE 10(5): e0126225. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0126225
  • Nyaga, J.M, Cramer, M.D, Neff, J.C. 2013. Nutritional contributions of marine aerosol deposition to coastal strandveld fynbos in west coast South Africa. Atmospheric Environment 81, 625-632
  • Skelton, R.P, Midgley, J.J, Nyaga, J.M, Johnson, S.D, Cramer, M. D. 2012. Is leaf pubescence of Cape Proteaceae a xeromorphic or radiation-protective trait?Australian Journal of Botany, 60, 104-113
  • Musil, C, Nyaga, J.M, Maphangwa, K, Raitt, L. 2010. Responses of dwarf succulent plants, lichens, and soils to experimental climate warming in an arid South African ecosystem. In: Schmiedel, U., Jürgens, N. [Eds.]: Biodiversity in southern Africa. Volume 2: Patterns and processes at regional scale: pp. 246-250, Klaus Hess Publishers, Göttingen& Windhoek.

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