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Dr. Duncan Ndegwa Ndungu Profile


Name: Dr. Duncan Ndegwa Ndungu
Title/Qualification: PhD
Department: Biological Sciences
School: Pure and Applied Sciences (SPAS)
Contact Address: P.O Box 6-60100 Embu

Short bibliography

Duncan N. Ndegwa, holds a PhD from the University of Tuebingen in Germany where he studied the biology of the apicoplast during erythrocytic schizogony of P. falciparum. He then joined Embu University as a Lecturer in Biochemistry and molecular cell biology during which he secured a Postdoctoral fellowship with Julian Rayner at the  Welcome  Sanger  Institute,  UK,  focusing on antigen screening for  blood-stage vaccine candidates in Plasmodium vivax using genetics, molecular and cellular biology. He later worked as a Post-Doc associate with Dr. Amy Bei lab at Yale University, US, where he researched on the mechanisms behind the persistence of specific parasite genotypes and the role of naturally arising polymorphisms in blood stage vaccine candidate antigens on receptor binding and immune evasion. He is now working as a Lecturer at  Embu University. His interests are both in basic and applied research using experimental genetics, proteomics and bioinformatics to study host-parasite interaction and to apply this for development of intervention strategies against malaria and other neglected tropical diseases.

Research interests

Molecular cell biology; Evolution of drug resistance and transmission; Natural prophylaxis; Parasite transmission; Host-parasite interactions

Lecturing interests

Cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry

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